Dominique Krystal Dawn
Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher

In a bustling city teeming with people living their lives, there was a police officer named Dominique Krystal Dawn. She was courageous and committed, dedicated to upholding the law and serving the community. Yet, every day, she was exposed to people making decisions that were detrimental to their own lives. This experience, coupled with the emotional weight of her job, started to kindle a deeper question within her: "Why do people make choices that aren't in their best interests? And more importantly, how can they be guided towards making better ones?"

Dominique had always been a seeker of knowledge and understanding, and this question led her on a new path. As she embarked on a journey of self-exploration and spiritual development, she discovered the power of energy alchemy, reiki healing, and the profound effects of reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind. As Dominique delved deeper into these practices, she realized she had a gift. She had an intuitive ability to transmute energy, heal traumas, and unlock the potential hidden within the layers of the mind.

But the journey was not without its challenges. Dominique had her own share of traumas to overcome. Using the techniques she was mastering, she began to heal, transforming her traumas into sources of strength and resilience. She found herself growing, evolving, and becoming an empowered, enlightened version of herself. Dominique had discovered her true calling.

Feeling a compelling urge to extend her newfound wisdom and abilities to help others, Dominique chose to hang up her police badge and step into a new role. She became an Awareness Coach, a spiritual teacher, a reiki healer, and a guiding light for others who found themselves lost in the maze of life's challenges.

Dominique Krystal Dawn, the award-winning published author and the woman behind "Back on Purpose: Unlocking the Power Within You," has dedicated her life to helping others reclaim their power, overcome their traumas, and live in alignment with their true purpose. Her practice is more than just a business; it's a platform for transformation—a place where people are guided to turn their limitations into strengths and their fears into stepping stones towards a fulfilling, purpose-filled life.

Power comes from within — and I’m here to guide you as you activate it.

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